Insulation Services Provided: Soundproof Insulation Interior Walls and Ceiling

Myers Insulating Services recently received a review from one of our few commercial insulation jobs in North Olmsted. Although we do a lot of insulation contractor work in North Olmsted, they're 95% residential jobs - typically attic insulation, basement insulation and exterior wall insulation in older homes and drafty homes for lowering energy bills by improving heat retention in the house. However, in the rare case we meet a customer with  a job requirement like Weber Automotive, our name is written all over it. We don't take on huge commercial insulation jobs, but a building the size of Weber Automotive is definitely our forte.   

N. Olmsted Auto Repair Insulates New Facility for Energy Savings and Sound Reduction

When Bryan Weber of Weber Automotive contacted Myers Insulation Services he already knew he wanted the new building to not only be energy efficient but he wanted the waiting room to be comfortable for his customers. The waiting room at an automotive repair facility can often smell like a garage, sound like a garage and be less comfortable then a visit to the dentist.  Bryan Weber wanted to make sure that as he moved into a bigger facility to take care of more customers that his waiting room was more comfortable, temperature controlled and less noisy than your typical garage. 

"I knew when we upgraded to this bigger building that spending a little extra money on insulation is money well spent.  We insulated the outside walls for energy efficiency. Then we did the inside walls and ceiling for reducing the noise between the garage and waiting area. Myers Insulating Services came highly recommended so there was no question - the price was right, the quality was outstanding and the crew was very professional. I would recommend Myers Insulation Company to anyone." 

Soundproofing Insulation Contractor: North Olmsted Auto Repair Shop
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