Pictured Above: These pictures shows bottom side on the attic floor, also called the vapor barrier, or the ceiling of the living space below. The other side is totally encapsulated so the home owners and other contractors can crawl up in the attic space without disturbing the placement of the insulation or dealing with fiberglass particles and dust.

Unhappy with Blown-in Cellulose Attic Insulation

This Brecksville, Ohio home was built in the 1970’s and although it wasn’t the typical attic insulation job, it was a great success for the home owner when Myers Insulating Services was finished.  This Brecksville couple had paid an insulation contractor a few thousand dollars to insulate the attic for extra warmth and energy efficiency. Unfortunately they were completely unsatisfied with the other insulation contractor’s work AND the other insulation contractor didn’t much care or offer any solutions. The biggest issue was that the previous insulation contractor used blown-in cellulose which the home owner didn’t like. They believed the insulation dust particles were invading their living space below the attic and had evidence that since the insulation job there was more dust and issues in the living area.

Myers Insulating Services in Solon, Ohio

So when this Brecksville couple contacted Myers Insulating Services, in nearby Solon, they were immediately pleased with the personable approach that Jim Myers delivers with consistency. They were clearly frustrated with the last insulation contractor and although they wanted the attic insulation issue resolved, they were understandably apprehensive to move forward with another insulation company.  Their apprehensions were immediately dispelled after a free estimate with Jim. Jim’s objective on every insulation job – whether it’s attic insulation, exterior walls, interior walls, crawl space or even a soundproofing insulation job, is to understand what the home owner needs – rather than sell them on something with the highest profit margin.  Based on the complaints of dust and the loose insulation blown in before, Jim prescribed this product that’s completely encapsulated.

Encapsulated EasyTouch Fiber Glass Attic Insulation

The EasyTouch fiber glass insulation you see in these pictures is made by CertainTeed, one of the high quality insulation products available through Myers Insulating Services. These insulation rolls are intended for use in either residential or commercial construction as thermal and acoustical insulation in attics, ceilings, walls and floors. The product is encapsulated in a vaporpermeable poly sheeting and available with or without an attached Kraft vapor barrier. It is designed for use in standard wood stud assemblies.

Installing EasyTouch fiber glass insulation is an easy, cost-effective method to help conserve energy in the residential and commercial new construction, remodeling and reinsulation markets. In addition to its thermal properties, EasyTouch provides excellent acoustical performance. It is compression packaged and encapsulated for ease of handling, and its range of R-Values and sizes ensures the right product for the job. The product resists mold and mildew and will not rot or deteriorate.

The product is composed of tan, uniformly textured, inorganic fibrous glass and formed with a formaldehyde-free binding agent. The fiber glass blanket is then encapsulated in a thin, yellow, vapor-permeable poly sheeting.

Brecksville Attic Insulation: Encapsulated Insulation for Convenience
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