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OK, so it's self-proclaimed, but read our customer reviews and you'll see why so many customers will tell you that Myers Insulating Services is the best attic insulation contractor in Cleveland. The owner of the company, Jim Myers, performs all free estimates himself, is on every job, ensures total customer satisfaction and has come in below the estimate on many an attic insulation job.  What could be better than that?

New Attic Insulation Reduces Your Energy Bills

If you live in the Cleveland area you're more than familiar with our cold winters. And if your house isn't energy efficient, you're likely bundling up with sweatshirts and blankets, covering drafty windows and hunkering down for a long, cold, uncomfortable winter every year - and that's before we mention the space heaters or high heat bills you're enduring.  Attic insulation is the most cost effective investment you can make to reduce your heating and cooling bills and improve comfort for both winters and summers, so learn more with a free estimate from Myers Insulating Services today.

Can Old Attic Insulation Lose Effectiveness?

Most attic insulation have a lifespan of 80 to 100 years or more, and most homes come with insulation in the attic, or crawl space, so homeowners don't immediately consider attic insulation when they're looking to improve energy efficiency. Instead they may think about windows and doors, but the attic is where you're loosing most of your heat.  So why isn't the original insulation that was installed when the house was built still as effective?

  1. Insulation settles. If the original insulation was cellulose you've likely experienced a substantial amount of settling, thus lowering its R-value, or resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. The R-value depends on the type of insulation, its thickness, and its density. With cellulose insulation, the product is known to settle at least 20% - meaning an 10" installation would be down to 8" of insulation, and if the installer has modified settings accidentally, or unethically, you could see a 10" installation settle to less than 5" of insulation. Installing more insulation in your attic will increase the R-value and the resistance to heat flow. 
  2. Inadvertent corruption to previous insulation. Even if you've had new insulation installed in the last 10 years, if there have been contractors, or DIY projects, where you've been adding lighting, ventilation, fans, duct work or electrical wiring through the attic access, the insulation has likely been moved around, removed, or otherwise compromised and is no longer providing the thermal protection you need to keep heat out and air conditioned air from escaping.
  3. Insulation has been exposed to moisture. If there was ever a roof leak, frost in the attic, or a critter that made its home in your attic then not only it has likely become much less efficient at saving energy, you might be in danger of mold growth in the attic as well.  If mold forms on the attic insulation it will have lost its effectiveness as well as presented additional issues with your air quality.

Adding New Insulation in Your Attic

Adding new insulation in your attic will undoubtedly reduce your energy bills and add comfort to your home.  If you experience ice dams in the winter, notice snow melting quickly off your roof, have a significant drop in temperature when going upstairs, have melt patterns correlating to the bathroom fan exhaust or recessed lighting cans, or simply can't seem to control the temperature in your home, then get a free estimate from Myers Insulating Services to learn more about how quickly a small investment in a professional attic insulation job can reduce your energy bills and make your home feel more comfortable during our cold Cleveland winters and hot summers. 

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