Cleveland Insulation Services: New Construction

It is always more cost-effective to add insulation during construction than to retrofit it after the house is finished. To properly insulate a new construction home, you will want to know where to insulate and the recommended R-values for each of those areas. New construction insulation is the most effective method of ensuring your home is comfortable and energy efficient from the first day you move in. At Myers Insulating Services we work with many builders and home owners customizing their own new construction home to add energy efficiency comfort and value to new homes around the Cleveland area.

State and local building codes typically include minimum insulation requirements so many of the newly built homes in Cleveland subdivisions are not energy efficient or sound proof. Have you ever been in a Pulte or Ryan home and been easily able to hear the neighbors pulling into their dive, or noticed drafts and high energy bills in the first year?  We don't have anything against large national builders, and with additional scrutiny to quality, many of these homes can be impressively efficient.  However, the national home builders around Cleveland keep their costs down, and their profit margins higher, by skimping on building materials like insulation.  Involving Myers Insulating Services early in the building phases of your new construction home will ensure you have the quietest, most comfortable and most energy efficient home on the block from day one!

Attic Insulation in New Construction Cleveland Homes

Proper attic insulation for new construction homes in the Cleveland area is critical to proper airflow, air quality and staying warm during those cold Cleveland winters while keeping the heating bill low.  Our blown-in fiberglass insulation delivers the ultimate in thermal performance, R-value, fire resistance, acoustical performance and moisture avoidance. We seal all bypasses, top-plates and recessed lighting inside the attic space to reduce air leakage. While ensuring the vent chutes/baffles allow for proper ventilation within the attic system.

New Construction: Installing Sidewall Insulation

Installing sidewall insulation in an existing home, or a retrofit sidewall insulation job, is more costly than making sure your sidewalls are insulated the right way from the home's construction.  Although we see major heat loss through the attic, or roof, because hot air rises, there is considerable heat loss through the sidewalls when not insulated properly. Fiberglass batts are the ideal product to line through the interior walls for a perfect fit around wires and boxes and we have other insulation products - like blown loose fill, and rock wool to consider based on the application. We spend time getting to know your needs, the environment (i.e. moisture, air leakage, radon, termites, etc.), and recommend the best performing insulation for all your sidewalls to provide comfort, energy efficiency and sound control to provide a great finished product before drywall or interior panels are installed.

Basement & Foundation Insulation in New Construction

With all the focus on attic insulation many home owners may mistakenly leave out basement insulation. A properly insulated basement will undoubtedly save you money in energy expenses as well as provide a dry, quiet and comfortable space for an extra bedroom, man-cave or home theater.  We've all been able to hear every little step being taken upstairs, the sink running and toilet flushing from someone's finished basement and with the forward thinking to properly insulate in your new construction phase that will be avoided. While insulating the basement and foundation we take extra consideration into protecting against moisture intrusion, as well as reducing heat loss, while minimizing sound and providing proper air flow for ideal indoor air quality conditions. 

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