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We try not to confuse things with industry jargon, however the term retrofit is frequently used when describing how to properly insulate an existing home. The term retrofit typically describes the process of adding something that wasn't included when manufactured, as in retrofitting a car. Retrofit insulation is what we call it when an existing home either wasn't insulated, wasn't insulated enough or the insulation has been compromised over the years.  Retrofitting can be used to describe attic insulation, basement insulation, sound-proof insulation or sidewall insulation.

Existing Homes: Insulation Saves Money. Adds Comfort

Unless your existing home was specifically constructed for energy efficiency, you can significantly reduce your energy bills by adding more insulation. Older Cleveland area homes have much less insulation than homes built today, and homes built before 1970 in our area have about an 80% they were built without any sidewall, or exterior wall, insulation.

During our free estimate process Jim Myers will determine where your home is loosing heat and where the application of new insulation will have the largest impact on reducing your energy bills while increasing your comfort levels. He'll likely ask a few questions before making a trip to the property like:

  • Do you have ice dam problems in the winter?
  • Is your roof the first on the street to have all the snow melt off?
  • Is there a significant temperature change when you walk upstairs?
  • Has the house had a lot of other retrofitting over the years - adding bathroom fans, recessed lighting, duct-work, etc that can compromise the original insulation installation and cause significant heat loss?

Attic Insulation in Existing Cleveland Homes

The number one place your house is likely to be loosing energy is through the roof, so adding insulation in your attic or crawl space is almost guaranteed to reduce your energy bills immediately. Myers Insulating Services uses blown-in, or loose fill, fiberglass insulation for its many benefits and low cost to the home owner.  Read our customer reviews to learn more about the immediate energy cost reduction and customer service satisfaction that Cleveland area home owners have experienced when getting their attic insulation done by Myers Insulating Services.

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