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Although energy efficiency is the motivating factor behind over 80% of our clients' insulation projects, we thoroughly enjoy the other 20% - acoustics! That's right. Insulation is one of the most effective ways to improve acoustics, or limit the sound transfer, from room to room. 

Sound Absorption Insulation Reduces Vibration & Sound Transmission

At Myers Insulating Services we provide sound absorption, or sound proofing, insulation for new construction and existing residential properties around the Cleveland area. We use the industry's most cost effective and highest performing insulation material - stone wool. Stone wool, or rockwool, is a form of mineral wool made from spinning volcanic rock into fibers, similar to the process of making cotton candy from melting and spinning sugar except with rockwool the rock is turned to lava and spun into a material similar to fiberglass. 

Our sound proofing insulation services include a wide range of acoustic solutions across a breadth of Cleveland area homeowners - which is why we typically enjoy our sound insulation jobs so much. Don't misunderstand, we love lowering heat bills and improving energy efficiency, but a good sound insulation job to take us out of the attics and crawl spaces for a day and into a home theater or green room is always a welcomed change of pace!  Some of the applications for our sound absorption insulation include:

  1. Normal sound between walls. Adding soundproofing insulation between walls will reduce or eliminate most noises from passing through rooms of a house.  Who wants to hear snoring from the next room over, the toilet flushing, appliances or the television?  Maybe you would like to have a private phone conversation without having to leave the house.  Adding sound absorbent insulation can turn your paper-thin walls into virtually sound-proof privacy walls.
  2. Music recording studio or home theater room. It's impossible to have a satisfying experience in a music recording, video or home theater room if the room hasn't been equipped with adequate sound absorbing insulation.  With the proper acoustic insulation treatment not only will your recording studio or home theater experience be at its best, the other members of the household can carry-on without noise distractions.
  3. Reduce noise complaints between multi-family dwellings. Our high-density sound insulation does more than improve sound dampening performance.  It also ensures fire separation performance while guaranteeing water and moisture resistance, making it ideal for increasing safety in multi-family dwellings and reducing noise complaints. 
  4. Sound insulation for home office addition.  The acoustic performance in our sound absorbing insulation makes it the perfect addition to your home office.  Plus, if you're building out a new space which you'll want to be more sound proof, installing the sound reducing insulation during the construction phase will be the best way to save time and money.

So whether your son is practicing to be the next rock star drummer, you're hosting a web show from your basement studio or your family just wants a little more privacy and less noise disturbance, call now for a free sound insulation services estimate.

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