Jim Myers Completes Ventilation Seminar in Independence, OH

Jim Myers of Myers Insulating Services is one of the biggest advocates of continuing education and staying up-to-date on advancements in the home building, home repairs and home maintenance industry.  Although many materials have changed over the decades, one thing has not - the importance of proper ventilation in an attic.

Properly Ventilated Home Stays Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter

A balanced attic ventilation system is critical for energy efficiency, comfort and health. An attic ventilation system that is properly ventilated consists of intake at the eaves, soffits, or fascias of the roof, and exhaust at or near your roof ridge. This allows cool, fresh air to enter into the attic and allows hot, moist air to escape.

When Heat Builds Up in the Attic

We all know warm air rises so it shouldn't be a surprise that when an attic isn't properly ventilated that heat builds up quickly. In the winter the improper attic ventilation manifests itself as an unbearable top floor that is much too hot while the rest of the house is comfortable. That built-up heat causes ice damns which lift the roof shingles and can result in major water damage as the melting ice gets under the shingles and into the home.

In the summer the improper ventilation causes attics that can be at temperatures up to 160° when the sun-rays on our 90°+ days come beating down on the roof for over 14 hours, the heat can be trapped below the roof, in the attic without proper ventilation. With proper insulation Myers Insulating Services can bring that temperature down by up to 40°!

Drawbacks of DIY Attic Insulation

In today's empowering era, with Home Depot, Lowes and other home improvement stores providing classes and information on how to do almost any home project yourself, coupled with thousands of YouTube videos showing step-by-step instruction DIY (Do-it-yourself) home improvement home owners, it's easy to think that attic insulation is an easy do-it-yourself home improvement project. At Myers Insulating Services our business is to professionally install insulation so we would clearly encourage home owners to hire a professional insulation contractor, but in the case you go it alone, please be careful not to disrupt your home's ventilation system by making these common mistakes:

  1. venting a bathroom fan into the attic: this is a huge mistake and will not only disrupt your home's ventilation system but is dumping moisture into an area that will likely become ridden with mold quickly - a hazard that can be detrimental to inhabitants - especially the elderly, young and people with respiratory issues
  2. stuff insulation over the soffit vents: it is critical to get fresh air circulating under the roof which is what the soffit vents are there for - intake air. When homeowners cover those soffit vents with insulation, the attic gets too hot and traps condensation which not only makes the home uncomfortable but can also lead to mold.
  3. remove insulation when installing recessed lights: it is very common for us to see insulation removed around recessed lights. When installing anything that impacts the insulation, do some extra research to keep those fixtures from turning into insulation issues.
Proper Attic Ventilation Critical to Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Health
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